Sunday, November 2, 2014


This. Is. Glorious.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Windtalker-conversations with Jed.i

So yesterday I picked up Jedi from school. While walking to my van with him through the parking lot we had this conversation.

Rudy: Guess what I got at the store today?

Jedi: Hmn....I dont know?

Rudy: Poptarts!!!! Remember you had asked me to get some yesterday?

Jedi: Yes! I love pop-tarts. Thanks Mom!

After we picked up Goose from the Mothers Day out we were headed home.

Rudy: Guess what we get when we get home Jedi?

Jedi: I don't know.

Rudy: Pop tarts!

Jedi: Oh yeah, I knew that.

Rudy: Yeah because I just told you.

Jedi: no, I just knew.

Rudy: Oh yeah, how is that? You heard about it on the wind?

Jedi: Yep, the wind told me.

Rudy: You talk to the wind?

Jedi: Yeah, it talks to me all the time.

Rudy: So you're a wind-talker?

Jedi: Yeah Mom (slightly petulantly)

We are getting out of the car in the driveway and before Jedi jumps from the van he tilts his face up to the sky and yells, "THANKS WIND!!!!!" And then goes and runs inside.

So, Jedi, is totally Pocahontas.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kindergarten and the incredibly sickly boy

My son Jed.I recently started Kindergarten. It was a very eventful first month. He didn't like Kindergarten. He liked his old school (Mothers Day Out) He would have several temper tantrums to the point that a special teacher had to take him to a special room to calm down. He was doing the horrible hiccup crying where he physically could not stop. There were numerous potty accidents. There was a lot of screaming and crying. I would walk with him up to the door and he would start whimpering, clutching to my legs and crying. Then he would not let go and the principal would have to peel him off me while he dissolved into a blubbering wet snotty tasmanian devil of "No I don't want to go to School".

So while he was crying and screaming while being walked to his room, I was walking back home with my heart breaking.

His teacher had to give me a call and we had to talk through his behavior and how to address it. Jedi was a bit younger than the other students. He had turned five just a few days before school started. But he is smart, very smart, and I wanted to see if he would benefit from Kindergarten rather than holding him back a year. He is very emotionally immature, and I thought that it could be a matter of putting him within a classroom environment and him adapting to that kind of behavior.  The first month was very tough. Not just because he was having trouble getting used to the new environment but also because he's been getting sick a bunch. In general children are little petri dishes that carry around all the virus' and bacteria that we eventually created immunities to when we were kids. Jedi would miss a bunch of his two day a week Mother's Day out program as well, but this was five days a week. And so far he's missed so much school. I'm always battling with myself to either send him because it's just a cough, or a snotty nose, but then there's the fear that it's a contagious virus and could make others sick. Is it a sickness that is a worry, or is it just I'm a worrywart.

Jedi with the help of the Focus team teachers and his Kindergarten teacher has done amazingly well adapting. The first month was rocky, but with their help he started to get used to the new routine, make friends and generally it was smooth sailing after the first month. He is still getting sick. He had pink eye, and then it went away. And then Goose got a stomach bug, and high fever, which he then got, and then the pink eye came back. I mean very high fevers, around 105 degrees. There were some ER visits, because they never get sick during regular doctors hours do they, it's always at 6 on Sunday.

This past week he has had a cough due to the allergies we all get. His can get much worse and turn into chest infections due to his asthma. So out comes the Nebulizer that he HATES. He got sent home last week because he started getting a 102 degree fever. He was on antibiotics and eye drops for his pink eye already. Good grief. Then it started clearing up and although his cough sounded wet and horrible, there wasn't much wheezing in his chest. This morning, like all the mornings Jedi woke up sounding like he was dying from the Consumption. He complained he was sick and couldn't go to school. He does that every morning whether he's sick or not. Although often enough it's valid. He does not like mornings. Neither do I as a matter of fact. I'm dead until 10 am. But he kept coughing and coughing until he started to throw up. Which isn't a huge worry. Coughing that hard can affect the gag reflex and make him throw up mucus. My kids are amazing pukers. But it had him so upset he kept throwing up mucous.  He looked much more pathetic than usual this morning. Which is saying something because he always looks like he's just hanging on to life. So I told him that we would keep him home because he was throwing up, but we had to do more breathing treatments. Well, if that didn't just perk him up right away.  If he threw up at school because he became he was coughing(not unusual) I would have to pick him up and keep him home anyway.

Now, this isn't ideal. I want my son to go to school. I worry he's missing too much school. It also changes my plans for today. I had planned on digging up some dead sod and putting down paving stones right next to the driveway. Of course, that might not have happened anyway since I woke up with a sinus infection headache like someone just punched me repeatedly in the face. Perhaps I'm allergic to dead sod? Dead bermuda grass? Dirt? Air? Possibly just every thing on the planet? Yep, totes allergic to that shit. I, Goose, Sarge and Jedi have all been sneezing, and wheezing, and coughing up huge gobs of snot. It's been a sickly October. I really really really hope that my son and daughter stop getting sick so often. All I can say is thank God for vaccines. At least we wont get Chicken Pox, whooping cough, the Mumps, Rubella etc. If we hadn't had those my kids would never be well at all. Or they wouldn't have made it this far at all.

So here I am, sitting here, coughing, listening to my son cough, watching more cartoons.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hornet stings and holding hands

The other day I was sitting talking with my Mom while Jed.I. Was playing outside with his cousins and my sister. 

Suddenly I heard wild terrified screaming. I run outside and see my sister holding my son while coming up the stairs. He had been stung by a hornet and was inconsolable. I took my son from her and cradled him while he yelled and screamed with tears streaming down his face. My other sisters quickly rallied around me and I was given an ice pack, benedryl cream and some allergy medicine. He didn't calm down. He screamed as though he was in a night terror. At that point I knew he wouldn't be calmed down for a while. All you can do when he is so terrified and hurt is just hold him and wait. Ice pack firmly clasped to his bite near his ear, and smothered with benedryl cream I waited. I rocked and soothed and waited. Soon, my Mother came out and stood next to me, and held my hand. While I comforted my son, My mother comforted me, her daughter. 

You never stop being a mother. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS!!! What is THIS adorable species? IS IT A PUPPY MANATEE CROSS BREED! Oh the humanity, it's too cute, I just died. I just died and I'm dead for the cute.

I found this picture at a website called

Most aptly named website ever.


ps. I'm not dead.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Every Day battles

This comic perfectly illustrated my days.

But soon, the dishes in the sink will be a distant memory. Because in about 2 weeks I will have a


I now you're thinking why does that matter?  I, like so much else of the world, do not have a dishwasher. I wash them by hand. And that's not a huge deal to most humans. I mean, I got food, I have dishes, I have clean water to clean them in. Pretty much more fortunate than most human beings on the planet. But I HATE doing the dishes. I do about two sink-full's of dirty dishes, and sippy cups and coffee pots a day. It's tiring. It's like college but at least I do them daily instead  of weekly. No more mold growing on plates in this house. Thank god for that.

We are going to move from the house we've lived in for four years.

It's the longest we've lived anywhere in the entire 9 years of our marriage. It's strange that it was supposed to be only a 6 month kind of thing. However, my plans did not materialize and I guess I just lived. I'm really grateful for the past four years. It wasn't what I had planned, but I've been happy (along with all the other emotions) and that's pretty great.

Yet, I'm excited for this new place. I'm going to have a DISHWASHER. A fenced in yard, no more angry yappy chihuahua's chasing my terrified children around the swing-set. We are going to have a pantry. A PLACE TO PUT FOOD. Wow. A whole closest, just for food. That seems unreal to me. I'm gonna live in a place where you can actually get Pizza DELIVERED.

I will miss some of my neighbors. I will miss the river we throw rocks into, and the pool across the street my neighbor lets us use. I will miss all these tree's. (no no no, not all the tree's, I wont miss the figs, or the plums or the pears because those are a huge time suck for no real fruit to eat).

I sure won't miss the leaf-cutter ants that de-leaf the entire tree in one evening.

But I've got some good memories, and I'm taking those with me.


Saturday, May 10, 2014


So, since my full-time job is a stay-at-home Mom  and during the week I work about 15 hours a day, does that mean that I can ignore my kids on the weekends?

I have a feeling it would go like this:

Jedi "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, I need chocolate milk, MOM!!!!! Chocolate Milk NOW!!! MOM did you hear me!!!! I NEED IT! I WANT IT!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!"

Me:"You have reached your Mom's voicemail. Your mother is away from her office, so you'll have to call back on Monday. If you have any pressing concerns or questions that cannot wait until Monday then please call my associate named Dad, and he can help you.
Thanks, and have a nice weekend. I KNOW I WILL.!!!"


No but seriously. Anyone?

Nope. Guess not.